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Criticae / Online Documentary Masterclass

Documentary photography is both a critical reflection on photography itself and a way of dealing with reality in an attempt to understand it and communicate about it. How can a documentary express social concern while at the same time recognize its own shortcomings and blind spots? How can we define a shared sense of realism in a hyper-individual and confusing era of post-truth and fake news, in which there is no longer a consensus about what is real, half-truth, fiction, or entertainment?

Guided by photographer, artist and doctoral researcher Max Pinckers, participants will expand their projects by developing their own critical documentary strategies. The program will be conducted online over the course of 6 months and comprise 5 studio visits with Laia Abril, Thomas Sauvin, Mathieu Asselin, Chao Tayiana Maina and Jan Hoek plus collective and individual sessions.

At the end of the masterclass, one or more participants will be selected for an exhibition at the PhMuseum Lab - an opportunity for international exposure and a chance to present your work in a public venue.

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