Güle Güle Exhibition / Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni

Emotional Panorama / A workshop on editing as a creative tool with Caimi & Piccinni

When: Saturday 19, Sunday 20 September

Where: PhMuseum Lab, Cirenaica, Bologna

Language: English

In a glimpse

The multiplication of possibilities offered by modern photography and the array of final media outlets are enormous. Celebrated duo Caimi & Piccinni will guide you through this multi-input/output scenario where creativity and stylistic awareness need to be carefully crafted in order to maintain close contact with personal identity and vision.

About Caimi & Piccinni

Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni collaborate since 2013 for documentary and personal photography projects. They focus on contemporary subject matters, with a particular attention on the human aspects of each story.

Their works are regularly featured in the press and media worldwide: Der Spiegel, The Guardian, Politico, Le Monde, L’espresso, Internazionale, Wired, GQ, Newsweek, The Sunday Times and many others. They are recipients of several awards such as the 2020 PhMuseum Photography Grant in the solo show category, the 2019 Sony World Photography Award in the category “Discovery”, the 2018 Istanbul photo book award, the 2016 Gomma Grant for best B&W documentary work. They have exhibited throughout Europe and Asia in galleries and festivals, such as Biennale Für Aktelle Fotografie, Delhi Photo Festival, Lumix Festival, Fotoleggendo, PhEST, Voies Off.

So far they published five books including the trilogy on cities in transition comprising “Güle Güle” (André Frère Éditions) about Istanbul, “Forcella” (Witty Books) focused on Naples and “RHOME” (MAS/FUAM). Güle Güle received a special mention at the Kassel Dummy Book Award 2019 and was finalist at the Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award in Arles. "RHOME" was shortlisted at PHotoESPANA Best Photobook of the Year 2019.

Workshop program

During the first part of the workshop, Caimi & Piccinni will be showing their works explaining how they were conceived and carried out. They will then be working on the photographers’ projects to highlight strengths and weaknesses. The photographic approach will be refined in order to precisely outline the participants’ visual language, the source of personal inspiration, motivation and the crucial ability to connect the work with a rich inner emotional panorama.

There will be identified images that work best and those that don't for each project and together elaborate the motivations. The process will help each participant to find further development opportunities for the work, eventually planning future shootings. During this phase, they will ask participants to bring all their material, including previously excluded images from the submitted selection.

Each participant will develop solutions with the tutors in order to proceed in their project with a highly focused idea of what images - both already taken and to be taken - are needed for the project and how to obtain them, keeping a strong language coherence. Moreover, more effective strategies will be discussed in having an unfiltered, honest relationship with the subjects and the environment (both cultural and human) where the work is carried out.

The second half of the workshop will be focused on the pure editing of the material. Editing intended as a creative tool for the existing material and a work-scheme for ongoing works, helping develop an overall project's pre-visualization. In this final phase, the use of editing for different outputs will also be discussed, finding tailor-made solutions depending on whether you have to produce a photobook, approach a magazine, create multimedia, or upload your portfolio on a website.

Who should attend this workshop

By participating you will enjoy a practical 2-day seminar working side-by-side with Caimi & Piccinni. With a particular focus on editing, the workshop is designed for having a propositive dialogue on your ongoing or concluded body of work. As a participant, you’ll be invited to reflect on your projects and working methodology, while analyzing your work and those of others in a constructive and propositive way.

What you need to bring with you

You will be invited to share your work with Caimi & Piccinni before the workshop so that they can have a look at it and prepare tailor-made feedback. During the workshop, you will have to bring all your photographic material (up to 80 images) including those previously excluded from your ideal selection. Please print your photos in A5 format or lower bearing in mind that a high-quality printing is not mandatory.

Travel and accommodation

You should manage your travel and accommodation independently as they are not included in the workshop fee. Upon request, our team will be happy to offer you suggestions and tips on where to stay and how to enjoy your time here in Bologna.

About the PhMuseum Lab and the city of Bologna

PhMuseum Lab is the first PhMuseum’s physical space. It’s in Cirenaica, a beautiful urban neighbourhood just outside the historical city centre of Bologna, Italy. During the workshop you will have time to enjoy the city's vibrant scene and the hood personality. You will also have access to our photobook library, to water and snacks, and have a look at the PhMuseum’s behind the scenes.

During your days in Bologna, you’ll be able to enjoy PhMuseum Lab’s opening (18 September from 6 pm) and visit other cultural venues such as MAMbo, MAST, Palazzo Fava, and many more.


How can I reserve my seat and pay?

You can reserve your seat by clicking here. We will email you with payment instructions.

Until when can I reserve my seat?

You have up to 15 August to take advantage of the advance price, while we will accept the booking up to 15 September.

Is there a possibility of receiving financial support?

If you wish to be considered for 1 total scholarship, you must apply before July 31st, taking care to send a motivational paragraph addressing why you will benefit from participating in the program. If you book your place within 15 August you can take advantage of a discount and pay €130 instead of €150.

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