Inside / Home, family and community in this transitional time

Inside / Home, Family And Community In This Transitional Time

Inside / Home, Family And Community In This Transitional Time

Where: PhMuseum Lab | Via Paolo Fabbri 10/2a | Bologna, Italy

When: 20 May - 18 June 2021

Opening: 20 May | 3pm-10pm

Opening times: Friday 5pm-8pm | Monday-Thursday by appointment only

Admission: Free

INSIDE / Book presentation: 27 May 6pm | with Francesca Marani (Photo Editor Vogue Italia), Giuseppe Oliverio (PhMuseum Director), and Rocco Venezia (PhMuseum Curator)

About the show

While the effects of the pandemic are still present in our everyday life, the group show Inside - Home, Family and Community In This Transitional Time aims to remember the feelings and emotions we felt when it all started around a year ago.

Shot over the first months of the pandemic solely with mobile devices, the images presented in a circular narrative follows two main lines. The first one represents the documentation of what happened. A mosaic of life under the first global lockdown in human history. The second one delves deep into our inner feelings as human beings, exploring how that experience is changing our lives and our relationship with our home, family and community. When they intertwine, they serve as a source of inspiration to stimulate a constructive debate around the urgent answers we need to provide in the decade that just started.

On 27 May, Francesca Marani (Photo Editor Vogue Italia), Giuseppe Oliverio (PhMuseum Director) and Rocco Venezia (PhMuseum Curator) will host a presentation of INSIDE, the second photobook published by PhMuseum that accompanies the exhibition and the whole project, which started from the PhMuseum 2020 Mobile Photography Prize open call.

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