In Show / Unpredictable Certainty

In Show / Unpredictable Certainty by Henri Airo, Gabriele Chiapparini & Camilla Marrese

In Show / Unpredictable Certainty by Henri Airo, Gabriele Chiapparini & Camilla Marrese

Where: PhMuseum Lab | Via Paolo Fabbri 10/2a | Bologna, Italy

Admission: Free

When: 24 November 2022 - 12 January 2023

Vernissage: 24 November | 6pm-10pm

Opening times: Thursday 5:30pm-7:30pm

About the show

Henri Airo starts his research with the urge to better understand how the police and the media have dealt with the car incident that took his sister's life away 10 years ago. Camilla Marrese and Gabriele Chiapparini are retracing the event of a plane crash that hit a school in Casalecchio di Reno (Bologna, Italy) and took away the life of 12 students, wounding 88 other people.

These works are speculation that serves as premises for a reflection on the severe precision of fate. Each investigation is tied to the current questions about the ontological and epistemological nature of photography. The three authors are implicitly playing with the objectivity of the medium, ultimately leaving us to meditate on a constantly evolving landscape where truth and post-truth coexist.

Admission is free. The online booking guarantees priority access but you can also register directly at the entrance.

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Henri Airo (Finland,1996) is a visual artist addressing social phenomena through documentary narratives. His researched-based methods often combine photography and other lens based mediums, text and archival material. Characterised by the dialectical document, Henri's works engage a subject matter but at the same time inquire about the constructions and incongruities within the medium he uses to represent that subject. His research often takes the form of polyphonic, ambiguous and contradictive documentary narratives presented in the form of exhibition installations and publications. Graduating with a BA in photography at the Lahti Institute of Design and Fine Art in 2021. His work has been exhibited at festivals and museums such as Krakow Photomonth and Amos Rex.

Gabriele Chiapparini (Italy, 1980) e Camilla Marrese (Italy, 1998) are an artistic duo focusing on the photographic form. Bringing together their backgrounds as video director (Gabriele) and graphic designer (Camilla), they strongly believe in collaboration as a path to transform and process individual, personal thinking into matter for collective elaboration. In this process, they aim to use photography as a tool to explore territories and identities, and to articulate open, complex questions. After publishing their first book “I Might Have Seen Something” in 2019 (Artphilein Editions), their work as a duo has been featured in collective publications and exhibitions in different venues, such as Kranj Photo Fest, Focus Artphilein and Spazio M.A.D. With a background in sociology, Gabriele works as a video director and DoP for documentaries and commercials between Bologna and Milan. After a BA in Graphic Design and Visual Communication at ISIA Urbino, Camilla now attends MA Information Design at Design Academy Eindhoven. Their individual work has been shown in galleries and festivals such as Fotografia Europea.

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