The Window Is Always Wide Open - Collective Show

The Window Is Always Wide Open - Collective Show

The Window Is Always Wide Open - Collective Show

Where: PhMuseum Lab | Via Paolo Fabbri 10/2a | Bologna, Italy

When: 14 December 2023 - 04 February 2024

Admission: Free

Vernissage: 14 December | 6pm-9pm

Opening Days: 11-18-25 January 5-7pm

Art City Special Opening: 1-2-4 Feb 4pm-7pm, 3 Feb 6pm-11pm (White Night)

About the show

The exhibition brings together the works of nine photographers who explore themes related to family, memory and trauma. The authors are allies in narrating their stories in the first person. They take us to their home and invite us to sit. Here we meet them as children, descendants, adults, survivors, witnesses and mothers. From their windows we glimpse what has been and the potential of what could come. Are they trying to remember so as not to forget or is it by remembering that they can finally let go?


Amanda Witt, Angela Crosti, DMT, Lisa Winner, Maryam al-Khasawneh, Michaela Nagyidaiová, Moa Nyberg, Paula Faraco, Sandra Guldemann Duchatellier.

Curated by Laura El-Tantawy and PhMuseum.

Admission to the exhibition is free. For more information, write to us at

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